Revealing the secrets of how to draw a face

Secrets of How to Draw a Face

  • Have you ever watched an artist at work and secretly wished it was you ?
  • Would you love to be able to draw a realistic face ?
  • Maybe you believe you couldn’t ever draw like an artist but still want to ?
  • Would you love to know how to draw a portrait ?

The good news is :- You do not have to be born with this talent you CAN LEARN How to  draw a face convincingly in a short time.

If you have the desire to draw and are prepared to practise, then all you need is some expert guidance.

Images from Problems of how to draw a face

In my previous post Problems of how to draw a face and make it look realistic?

We looked specifically at what people struggled with when tackling the task of drawing faces. Part of the problem is our natural tendency to view things holistically and a lack of true observance. It is possible to train our minds to really look at what is in front of us. By familiarising ourselves with the structure, proportions and the various parts of the face we can create a solid foundation on which to build our craft. You can learn the secrets to shading and creating a 3-dimensional look to your portraits. You can learn to make your drawings really come alive

Imagine the thrill of looking at something you’ve drawn and feeling a sense of pride and amazement. What a great feeling too, when friends and family make compliments, about your work, especially if you’ve never previously shown any sign of having that talent.

Christopher Sia began his artistic journey being less skilled than his fellow students but his passion and learned observations led him to become not only a master artist but also an excellent teacher.

I believe that Christopher Sia offers a precise and very detailed structure on which to develop the skills necessary to become a proficient artist, whether it is for the purposes of making money or the sheer personal satisfaction of being able to express oneself creatively.

Christopher’s course on how to draw a face is very structured and it is obvious that he has thought it through thoroughly and put his heart and sole into producing it. Check it out for yourself.

The result is an amazing course that is broken down into 5 main sections, concentrating on each part of the face one at a time. On completing each part the student is left with a feeling of real accomplishment and thirsting for more.

1.       How to Draw a Realistic Eye Like a master

2.       How to draw a Realistic Nose Like a master

3.       How to Draw a Realistic Mouth and Teeth Like a Master

4.       How to Draw a Realistic Ear Like a Master

5.       How To Draw A Realistic Hair Like a Master

In addition to the above there are 12 very detailed and easy to follow lessons that you can follow at your own speed. The lessons are nicely structured, nothing heavy but very precise indeed with clear easy to understand instructions.

These lessons are full of wonderful hints and techniques to enhance the reality of your work. Stephen really knows his craft. It will cost you nothing to check it out for yourself. Christopher is so confident of the success of his course he offers a full refund anytime within the first 2 months.

Sadly people today expect instant solutions and instant fixes . . .

I am not suggesting that this is so easy that you’ll learn it all in seconds but if have you have a passion to acquire this skill and are prepared to put in some practice you will learn it much quicker than you think.

After all any skill that you have learnt in life, you would have had to put some effort in to become proficient. But if you have a passion then it will be a labour of love with pretty quick results.

If you have ever held a secret desire to develop the skills of how to draw a face like a master, or want to know how to draw a portrait, you really ought to at least check it for yourself rather than regret the missed opportunity and allow your creative potential to go unfulfilled. You’ve nothing to lose except an opportunity to get the skills you need to become a master pencil portrait artist.

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Problems of how to draw a face

Problems of  how to draw a face realistically ?

Pencil drawing of a realistic eye drawn by Christopher Sia 

Top of the list for many has got to be the eyes. Why?  The reason is, as with a real person, the eyes are what make us look alive and are incredibly expressive of the mind behind them. Looking into another person’s eyes, even if they are not moving around, they can reveal so much. So just drawing an oval shape, with a circle and a black dot will end up looking exactly what they are, i.e. shapes. Therefore, for the many would-be pencil portrait artists, this is at the top of the list of challenges of how to draw a realistic face.

Arguably the second most difficult part to draw is the mouth and for the same reason as the eyes, in that the human mouth can also be so very expressive and bring our face to life in a powerful way. Even a cursory study of body language can reveal so much information from a silent face. So once again just drawing oval shapes can look pretty lifeless even if the corners are turned up or down to indicate basic emotions.

 I think part of the problem of drawing anything is just the lack of true observation that some of us suffer with. We often tend to look at things holistically and only get an overall view that fits into our own mind map of previously acquired perceptions.

The brain begins life as an organ with certain pre-installed understandings that are quite general in nature. It is also filled with incomplete patterns that are crying out to be completed in its attempt to make sense of our surroundings. To prove the point I’m making, if you stare for long enough at a blob or stain on the wall for instance or some random cloud pattern, your mind will complete the pattern and it will become something you know.

Another pencil drawing bringing hair to life

Some may consider bringing the hair to life as the hardest problem of all. Our holistic method of observation is likely to lead the untrained eye to see hair as just one colour. On closer inspection the reality is it is made up of a multitude of different shades and colours giving us a unique “colour”.

Pencil drawings

A lot of artists would agree that the nose and ears are slightly easier to draw but only in terms of their limited movements but once again just the bare outlines or shapes can look devoid of life without the acquired skills of an artist. Although the movements of the ears and nose are fairly limited, however with the head in different positions this can dramatically change the structure and greater awareness needs to be noted to avoid unrealistic results.

Finally the human canvass, meaning the skin. Often overlooked altogether by novice portrait artists. What adds to the problem of creating a realistic face is the skins elastic ability to distort to create meaningful expressions.

 What can bring it all together and breath life into both the expressive and those lesser moving parts ?   The secret is in the artist’s acquired skill to somehow create graduated tones giving it a three dimensional effect. This skill doesn’t have to be some be something you’re born with but is definitely a skill that can be learnt if you want to know how to draw a face. Familiarising yourself with the structure of the face and learning a sense of proportion of all the elements that make up a face are vital components to overcoming the difficulties of how to draw a face. Discover the secrets from a true master

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Difficulties of drawing a face

Pencil portrait of David Beckham by Christopher Sia

The difficulties of How to draw a face ?

Would you love to be able to draw a realistic face ?
Have you ever watched an artist at work and secretly wished it was you doing it ?
Tried on your own but was seriously embarrassed with the results ?
Or maybe you are like I used to be, where my faces looked liked a melted waxworks!
Or maybe you’re quite good at drawing some things but faces let you down!

If one or a combination of the above apply to you then this site could soon be leading you to change all that and probably much easier than you think.

All you need to know about the secrets of how to draw face

Question What do you find difficult about drawing a realistic face ?  You’re very welcome to leave a comment below.

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Like to know how enormous numbers of people living in Wimbledon can quickly understand “How to draw people” like a professional

New How to draw people

Are you considering cultivating your skills and talents to be able to draw all of the human body. If that is true for you then I suggest that you find out about Todd Harris’s excellent course.

His training as a classic artist has led Todd in emerging as a magnificent and a highly regarded artist. He has a multitude of tips and tricks and proven techniques that he shares with you in abundance throughout his course.

How to draw people

How to draw a face

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